Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Square one

I was linking to my blog yesterday and was so taken aback when Advert started "poping" out of no where. Oh Gosh........I went through Blogger help center, and they advised that it could be one of the third party add on.

With absolutely no idea which of the add on is the culprit, I started trashing them one by one. My counter, You tube video, my blog log and went as far as reverting my whole HTML code to the old format ( which change my whole layout back to 2 columns ~~sob sob)...........Nothing happened. The ads still pop up happily. I got one last one to delete, the Cbox. Thats it. The culprit. Why does it has to be the last one that I delete?

Anyway, now my blog is back to what it is used to be. No third party add on beside the counter. Actually it doesnt look as bad la. Just that all my effort is down the drain liao. Haiz
I have not blog-grumble for a long time, wah! but this one really "frustrated" me. Now stream is let out, i m feeling better already.

Recently I am.....
- watching season after season of Supernatural, absolutely crazy abt Dean Winchester
- anticipating Sex and the city, the movie
- Busy mapping my life.


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