Sunday, 21 March 2010

UP : Ellie & Carl

Was watching the rerun of { Oscar } this morning and was so thrilled that { Up } has won the best original music score (and Best Animation feature film ). I know, I am a bit slow la. =)

Love the music score of { UP }, especially the part " Ellie & Carl Married Life ". Sweet......and that is my ideal and hope of what a married life should be. ha ha ~ ~ One other film that has the same effect was { Julie & Julia }. I guess I am a hopeless romantic. Although, I did once went into a debate with someone over how unromantic I am. ha ha ~ ~ My fault, I did it deliberately so to give a different perspective of things. =P

Anyway, I love { Up }. Don't know why I haven't buy the DVD yet. Maybe I am simply too preoccupied with challenges that life has thrown at me for the moment. Juggling, Juggling.

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