Monday, 6 July 2009

Remember The Time

Chris was blogging about the death of MJ recently. He was recalling how he bought his first MJ album. Found myself remembering those time too. I never did own any MJ albums until a few years ago. The first album I heard was [ Dangerous ]. Borrowed from P or M. I have it copied in my cassette tape and listened to it for a long long time. One of my first mix tape. That was like ion years ago.

One of my favourite MTV was that above. Back in the 90s, that was the most entertaining * MTV I have seen. Check out the group dance at 6: 20. Great choreography.

Some said, the King of Pop was abducted by the same group of Alien that abducted Elvis.......???......

I have a good laugh with that theory.

* MTV = Music Television was the grandpa of the now Music Video - MV

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