Sunday, 5 October 2008

Lucky Seven

Here are some snap shots of the Seven party. =) I am looking forward to the Omy podcast of the event. =) Didnt quite see the stolen kiss of Wen Hong. Anyway, the atmosphere was really hot and I have fun.
From my friend experience last year, We have decided to go early this year. However, we still end up in the "天涯海角“seat ( meaning right in the corner). But at the very least we were very very close to the stage , just not of the best angle. =p Oh...... there was a huge rainbow while we were queuing. Very beautiful. very lucky sight. haha

ps: 那一晚有不小心被文鸿的Never say goodbye电到。哈哈哈~期待他的大卫必佳

Isn't it scary how time flies without one noticing it. I have listened to 1003 for 7 straight years. ( not including heart 100.3) I am quite certain part of my learning process has intertwined with them. Particularly enjoyed the talk show with the counselors. Make one realizes that there are many point of view to just 1 subject and the art of communication is an art by itself. The choice of words could change the course of an event very much.

Never Say Goodbye - Dong Li Huo Che


NewNew said...

cool meh.....

Bingbing said...

Wish you were there. =D

Snowflix said...

Can see that you really enjoy it.
Think the podcast is up already.

Bingbing said...

ya, so disappointed only 3 podcast.