Thursday, 18 September 2008

洗刷刷 洗刷刷

This little fellow appeared in 3 of the interpretive panels I am working on. He is demonstrating the important of saving water.

[ Turn off the tap while you shampoo and soap. ]

I was having fun creating him, it is a style that I don't usually use. Fat and round and chalky textured. I uses HB/ 7B pencil for these series of drawing. Absolutely love the texture . After so many years of drawing, I have finally move on to use Hard lead pencil which is not easy to be erase off. but it also mean that it doesn't dirty your hand as much as 2B Soft lead pencil. =D


Snowflix said...

So Cute!
What will the coloured one look like?

Bingbing said...

Not quite sure yet. Maybe I will post the pix once it is produced. =)

Snowflix said...

Awaiting ~~

Christopher said...

Cool.. remind mi of the good old days back in BPSS..

Bingbing said...

How so? Coz I always draw? =)
But I do miss those carefree days..... =)