Sunday, 28 September 2008

Bitten by F1 Bug

I was one of those people that were too stringy to buy a ticket but still wanted to experience the whole atmosphere and just be part of the event. So I went over to Suntec just to get the kick out of it. Ha ha The sound of those racing cars were deafeningly exciting and it was really interesting how the lights lighten up the whole place.
I have to confess I am not a true blue F1 fan, but when I saw the TV on friday, I have gotten all so excited. The angle shots taken from the drivers' view reminded me very much of the Daytona (Daytona USA is a racing arcade game by Sega). A arcade game I used to play in the school day and it could be addictive. hahaha Oh......and the final race tonight was simply brilliant. A mixture of speed, excitement and unpredictable incidents that turns the whole game around. I thought it was going to rain...wouldnt it be more exciting ? =p

PS: Quite like those banners that blocked the view. It was a series shot of the race car in different angle.

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