Sunday, 13 July 2008

sharpening my 8b pencil

Am working on a new project with a lot of animals in it. One proposed style is to make them really whimsical or childlike drawing. This was a drawing development, where I sort of just feel around for the right one.

That a White collared Kingfisher in my reference. This species of Kingfisher can be found in South East Asia and on our shore too. Just the other day, I saw one in East Coast. =) Love their electric blue colour.

Was jogging in East Coast recently. It was evening and the sky was really cloudy, but still looking beautiful. Was under quite a lot of self-created stress lately (Job related) . I found jogging really help to release that tension in me. I was really tired and was "dragged and pull " to East Coast on Thursday. But I felt really good after that. =)

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