Thursday, 19 June 2008

Creamy White cake

This is my first birthday cake for the month.(even though it was a virtual cake) Kindly email to me by SingTel. =D

How did they know I always desire a creamy white cake? haha.

A few years back, I watched this film called <<亲爱的金子>> Sympathy for Lady Vengeance . Towards the end of the film and after the lead actress have had all her revenges ( It was a very bloody process), she bought ( or did she bake it ???) this really " snowy" white cake for herself. White = pure = turn a new leaf = reborn ???? Anyway from then on, I always dream of a perfect white cake. Has even considered learning baking, so that i can bake one myself. =P Gosh ....I dont even know how it taste like. Vanilla ? Na.... It will give it a yellow tint. So what make it white? Beaten egg whites with sugar ? Oh ya hor, it will be wrapped cream, isnt it? ...... .... ..... .....

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