Sunday, 29 June 2008

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One blur shot of the very juicy COASTES Beef burger. Extra topping of everything. SINFUL!

......I kinda missed the very first visit. Somehow the food tasted so much better back then. Could it be that it a "first time" thingy or our memory just cannot be trusted ? Never the less, it is a great hang out place.

......and here something to share.
Totally random. =D


Shirley said...

where is this place?

Bingbing said...

Sentosa =)

紙鶴 said...

想不 到
聖淘 沙是那么漂亮的
像在 外國渡假般
叫人 響往

Bingbing said...

Actually, there are alot of nice place in Singapore. You just need to find it..... =)
I am still exploring too.