Saturday, 18 August 2007

If there are seasons

Caught [ 天冷就回來]preview on Thursday night. Glad I 've decided to watch it, coz I totally enjoyed the production. Its so captivating.

梁文福's songs were cleverly weaved into the the whole storyline. Especially like the part where A-Le was remembering the conversation he have had with Xiao Jing at the beach. (Xiao Jing is dead, so she is a spirit and a fragment of a memory in the musical ) It was very tender . No crying, juz very tender and warm moment =P

Thought the recitation of a poem at the beginning of the show was brilliant. Its help to set the mood of the whole musical.
I like poetry, even though I don't often understand the deeper meaning to it all. Love the beautifully composed sentence. Quite a lot of feeling and emotion been poured into juz a few short phrases.

Here is one from the musical, I think it is from EE Cumming but I am not certain.

The winter of death numbs a lover's pain,
The autumn of dreams lies awake in vain,
The summer of life sings its passing song,
And spring comes again......with courage to hope,
and go on.

" If there are seasons I would see snow, but not around here...."

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PS: Didnt manage to get the airtix to Yunnan on the date we wanted. =P So We have decided to go Taiwan instead.

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