Saturday, 11 August 2007

Fresh flowers

Flowers always brighten up the room.

She looked so relax.
Taken a few years ago in Botanic Garden

A poem I read online about travelling. Such beautiful words
I d wander on the lone road,
Rather than get lost in the noisy crowd;
I d stagger towards heaven,
Rather than fly in the corner of the sky.
Do not bury my dream; do not bind my feet.

Throwing off the shackles of my mind,
roaming freely,

I d rather die on the way to happiness.
Though enveloped with dust and wind ahead,

Though never can reach the heaven,
Though left with the last breath,
Ill keep going on with my heart flying.

On the way passing countless villages,
On the way enjoying infinite scenery,
On the way heading towards the sun,
On the way Ill keep going on till the end.

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