Saturday, 9 June 2007

Saturday weekly

The weather is so hot.................

Yesternite :
- Dine at Sake Sushi Has been craving that Jap Tea pot soup
- Bought Dad a Hat......Shhhhhhhhhhh not presented yet
- Caught Pirates of Caribbean Beside Johnny Depp, I really like Geoffrey Rush. So crazy ........ I love Pirates. Lol Oh those "stone" crabs are so cute

One Big question: Where is the Java Pirates? And why they made Singapore so mountainous huh?

One of my favourite client sent in a goodbye email yesterday. OMG, all so sudden. I am going to miss him. Is this a month of moving on? He is the 2nd one.

Recently I ve been looking up for enrichment courses. NAFA offered Print on your fabric which really caught my attention. weighing my priority ......$$$$$$$$$$

PS: Juz realised that there will be a sequel to Elizabeth. Elizabeth the Golden age. Great. Expecting more great acting.

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