Sunday, 24 June 2007

OMG.....29 is juz 3hrs away

Have an early Birthday celebration yesterday. One that was full of "surprises". Ha ha. Had a long day.

@11am Went KTV with Jolene. Had K- lunch at 12pm

@3+ At baker inn for a quick tea break

@5 Meet up with a different group of friends at Whatever Cafe. Had some organic pasta which was very spicy

@8+ Went city hall to celebrate my birthday with another group of friends.

@10+ My birthday surprise......venue shift to the fountain around the Padang beside SRC....and lotsa pix and Dv taken.......=) (Thanks pals!)

My social diary has not been this busy. lol

By the end of the day......I have taken ;
-2 main meals
-3 cakes (shared of coz)
-1 potato salad
-1 coke
-1 hot honey lemon
-1 long black
-1 cappuccino
- Lotsa plain water
-lozenges for my irritated throat....

(pix source: ciie's )

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