Saturday, 13 May 2006

Yunnan Yunnan

In 7 days time, I will be flying to Yunnan /kunming.
I am bloody excited right now. Met up with my travel pal on Wednesday iron out all the last detail. So gald that we are thinking along the same path. ha ha

I have only started my research last week since I have been preoccured by other things for the past 1 month.

Oh! we are going to drop Yu Rong snow mountain for Mei Li snow mountain. Heard that it is much more awesome than Yu Rong.

Of coz we wont be doing the trekking juz very causel day trip. Didnt want to worn ourselves out, since this trip is so short.

Anyway, everything seen to be flowing smoothly along the course. Now I juz need to concentrate on taking good care of myself and not to do anything stupid....... Like getting myself hurt ..... .... (Juz sprained my right hand in an bicycle accident last week. =p

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