Monday, 10 January 2011

Secret Garden

Has been addicted to this korean drama recently. It has been a while since my last addiction. ha ~~and it has provided my " escape from reality " antidote for the whole of the moody December.

Thanks to internet, I have been catching it simultaneously with the Koreans. ( maybe 2 -4 days delays) -- -- -- - Sweet anticipation =)

For the review, do check out Dramabeans. They do a particular good job in deconstructing and reviewing the drama episode by episode. All I can say is
good acting and beautiful soundtrack ( well... most korean ost is good la ).

The drama is drawing to a close and I find myself wishing for a happy ending, especially after a very sad episode 17 today.

One thing I learn from the korean drama / movie, they never play by the ball. That's one thing I like about Korean script. You are never quite sure how the ending will be until the very end of the show.

Finger crossed.

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