Saturday, 27 February 2010

Postcards from Bangkok

Just received the postcard I have sent from Bangkok 5 days ago. Was wondering if it will ever reach me when my friend has already received hers a day before

Bought the postcards at Sum Lum night bazaar. Although I love the print very much, am very disappointed that it was printed on photo paper and mounted on an art card.
Not very professionally done. The art card was a lot thicker than the usual postcard, which made me wondered if 15 baht is really enough for the postage. We could not find any post office near by to verify the weight, hence I've decided to take a chance. =)

The whole series were really very well taken. Too bad it was not send for proper offset printing. I am sure it could fetch a better price if it is properly printed and distributed.

By far, one of my favorite postcard design.


H@rry said...

last time i went Bangkok was 2001!
i wish that i can go there again!
nice postcard. :)

Bingbing said...

Hee U Must be very young then. =) Next time if you going, I can give u some travel tips =)

Bel said...

i luv ur idea
which send postcard to urslef whenever travelling..
can i learn it?^^

Bingbing said...

sure sure, a lot of ppls do it. =)

It also make one trip more interesting. =)