Saturday, 21 July 2007

Just came back from a very silly movie. [Who slept with my teacher?] Silly / stupid / "DIRTY" in a fun way Oh it is a M18 grading but never the less, I quite enjoyed it la. Have not watch this type of genre for a long long time. Later SEARCH the whole of Orchard, looking for KFC =) Why is it so hard to find one huh? We walked all the way from Taka to PS for juz one meal. ha ha ha

Went back to the old office in Lavender in the morning. Kitchener complex didnt change much but the surrounding has. There is a high rise building standing at what is used to be a green field. The tom yan Kopitiam that we liked so much is no longer there. I was quite lost. The configuration of the HDB flats are not quite what I rememdered. Thanks gdness the Kopitiam that sell Lime juice is still there. =) I have not been there for 5 years. Isnt it long? So much can change within such a long time frame.

Ps: Bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow.

Testing out my stamina tomorrow at the statdium. Wonder can I really complete 2.4 K without stopping. Pray that I wont stop to walk and it wont rain.....or else I would have to stay in the stadium and "hawk" at the lovable Korean football players doing their training liao. =P hee hee hee hee.......

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