Saturday, 3 February 2007

" Edward Norton" week

Pix taken from official website for [ The painted veil]

It has been an " Edward Norton" week for Jolene and me. We caught 2 of his film in a short peirod of 9 days. Ha ha
- The painted Veil
- The illustionist
Not only is he a great actor, he is also very very dashing and charming too. I only wish he would do more of those " Keeping the faith" genre. Light hearted type.
And speaking abt The painted Veil, there is a very beauitful folk song that I really like- A La Claire Fontaine. I thought it short of summarised the whole mood of the movie. Wonder would it be feature in the OST?
Check out the lyrics at


Isa said...

Beautiful movie and lovely song :)
But the song in French refers to a girl. It's a boy who sings this song for his girlfriend.

"ma douce amie" -> My sweet friend (she)

and not

"mon doux ami" --> "My sweet friend" (he), which would have fitted on the movie.

That's the only problem I find and that's why the meaning doesn't fit well on the movie.
I wonder if the director knew that when he includded it.

See you!

Bing bing said...

Hi Isa,
Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. That's a interesting fact that I didnt notice. Thanks a million. =)