Friday, 13 October 2006

Line and more lines

前天买了双new balance慢跑鞋. 帅帅的售货员Darryl还教了我一些买鞋的知识, 当我告诉他,
" I m just starting out(running)" =) hee hee hee .要真的好好的开始练习跑步了.
My boss offered to paced with me during the run when I told her I cant even run non-stop for 1 k. I was really touched. Muz not let her down. At the very least, muz completed my 5 k, Walking and jogging.

Working on a series of lineart icon recently........... More Animals and Landscapes. Lineart seen easy yet they are the hardest. Basically is the study of the full stucture then stylize it into simple lines.... Not easy at all. I still got so much to practice and learning to do.

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