Thursday, 30 March 2006

Gang of 6 - 1

Aim we cute? This was done few year back for shawn farewell party. I did another separate drawing of him and printed it onto a nice cushion. I wonder how is it now.

Mr shawn who went to London. Saw him last year at Toa payoh. I was getting into the train and he was getting out. Come to think of it, I met quite a few friends this way in that TPY mrt station. ha ha


CiiE said...

izzit? hmm wonder if i standby TPY will I get to meet those i wanna meet? hmm does it work this way? hmm ofcos not..sorry i forgot to carry my brain out this mornin.. err

CiiE said...

hahaha i cant believe i wrote that! what the hell am i thinking back then!!

Bing bing said...

Oh well... that was liked 2006.....and u wrote so urself....u forgot your brain......hahha