Wednesday, 4 May 2005

meow meow

Every morning on my way to work, i will by pass a tawny brown cat. I would "meow" to her when i think no one is looking. The cat would always meow back at me while continue her destination.
It became a habit of mine. Ha ha. It almost like a morning greeting. We did it for many months until one day i relieased that i dun see her for a few weeks. i thouht she might be caught or something.
The night before, i was working very late. I used the walkway from the coffeeshop. I found 2 little kittens at side of the stair. By their side are a Tawny adult cat that look rather familiar. I bended down and meow at the 2 kittens , Not sure if the mother will attack me or not. The two kittens ran away from me but Suprisingly the adult came up to me in a very friendly manner. As if she knows me. Ha ha
she muz be the cat that i see every morning. She is now a mother. No wonder she has been gone for so long. =) I wonder will i see her tonite.

ps: my friend commented that it is juz a friendly cat. It purr at everyone. ha ha quite true la. Juz for fun mah.

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